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Motivation fail.

“Tired of being fat & ugly? Just be ugly at Fit4less. 19.99 per month”

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03.03.12, 5:58 PM | Posted by mike

the sign down the road said tired of being ugly and fat be pretty ugle for less

03.22.12, 3:49 PM | Posted by therealhannah

http://www.f4l.com could also mean fat for less! 🙂

05.24.13, 7:14 PM | Posted by Amanda

Lol. This is GENIUS. I want to personally thank the person in charge of the marketing campaign.

07.25.13, 9:39 PM | Posted by bob


01.31.15, 11:40 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Compliments like that I don’t need!

09.30.15, 12:23 PM | Posted by toahero

Well, it will make people laugh, and will stick into their minds better than an ordinary slogan. It might very well work

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