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Jesus Will Love The Hell Out Of You

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“Jesus will love the hell out of you” – Ivanhoe Congregational Church sign.

Submitted by: Keaton B

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10.02.12, 4:35 PM | Posted by therealhannah

this would be a good thing except for the fact that jesus is dead

10.17.12, 11:47 AM | Posted by 1honey

He rose from the dead

11.14.12, 8:04 PM | Posted by therealhannah

Is he still alive today?

01.04.13, 10:45 AM | Posted by Rosa

Will therealhannah please stop commenting stupid things. its ridiculous.

04.06.13, 5:38 AM | Posted by Slender Man

Being a Mormon, I find this very offensive.

07.12.13, 6:40 PM | Posted by Noel

1 Jesus is still alive today
2 Mormon isn’t even an official catholic religion
3 I find this funny and I’m catholic

09.27.14, 9:24 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

And why not? He was there Himself (Psalm 16:10, Acts 2:27-31). The Devil never was, believe it or not!

01.20.16, 4:47 PM | Posted by Kamil

Help me

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