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Jesus Was the Original Potter…

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“Trinity Lutheran Church
Jesus was the original potter. Not Harry.
Sunday Worship 12:45 AM Everyone Welcome”

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09.25.11, 5:16 PM | Posted by Bob

Jesus never existed

10.22.11, 3:12 PM | Posted by Carla Vaught

Jesus DOES exist and He is the original Potter! Amen!

12.11.11, 3:26 PM | Posted by angie danger

i thought jesus was a carpenter, not a potter. typical of religious people to twist things to fit their agenda…

03.12.12, 11:59 AM | Posted by Cody

people like you make me sick,Bob

03.22.12, 10:14 PM | Posted by Telapoopy

i agree with Bob. Atheism FTW

04.07.12, 11:22 AM | Posted by Jessie

Bob, Tela, you people really have no idea what you’re talking about. The fact that Jesus, as a person, actually existed is not what is up for debate in religion. The person actually existed, it’s been historically proven.

05.28.12, 2:27 PM | Posted by Simon

Yep. Jesus was a carpenter who made a good profit (spelling intended)

07.10.12, 6:41 AM | Posted by therealhannah

ironicly, harry was the one that never existed.
but that doesnt mean they can make fun of him!

09.12.12, 3:22 AM | Posted by GhostMatrix

Jesus was a brujo. He practiced white magic. He got killed. All of these facts are true, if you watch the 4th season of True Blood!

01.25.13, 6:32 AM | Posted by The Shadow

Harry was a wizard not a potter.

07.13.13, 5:26 PM | Posted by Noel

I don’t get it… How is Jesus anything like harry?

07.20.14, 7:42 PM | Posted by K-tice

@Jessie: Except not really. There is only one reliable contemporary extrabiblical mention of Jesus (in a work by Flavius Josephus) and it’s a pretty indirect one at that. That being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean Jesus didn’t exist, but it’s far from being historically proven, I’m afraid.

@Cody: The same to you, you stupid small-minded bigot.

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