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Jesus Was the Original Potter…

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“Trinity Lutheran Church
Jesus was the original potter. Not Harry.
Sunday Worship 12:45 AM Everyone Welcome”

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09.25.11, 5:16 PM | Posted by Bob

Jesus never existed

10.22.11, 3:12 PM | Posted by Carla Vaught

Jesus DOES exist and He is the original Potter! Amen!

12.11.11, 3:26 PM | Posted by angie danger

i thought jesus was a carpenter, not a potter. typical of religious people to twist things to fit their agenda…

03.12.12, 11:59 AM | Posted by Cody

people like you make me sick,Bob

03.22.12, 10:14 PM | Posted by Telapoopy

i agree with Bob. Atheism FTW

04.07.12, 11:22 AM | Posted by Jessie

Bob, Tela, you people really have no idea what you’re talking about. The fact that Jesus, as a person, actually existed is not what is up for debate in religion. The person actually existed, it’s been historically proven.

05.28.12, 2:27 PM | Posted by Simon

Yep. Jesus was a carpenter who made a good profit (spelling intended)

07.10.12, 6:41 AM | Posted by therealhannah

ironicly, harry was the one that never existed.
but that doesnt mean they can make fun of him!

09.12.12, 3:22 AM | Posted by GhostMatrix

Jesus was a brujo. He practiced white magic. He got killed. All of these facts are true, if you watch the 4th season of True Blood!

01.25.13, 6:32 AM | Posted by The Shadow

Harry was a wizard not a potter.

07.13.13, 5:26 PM | Posted by Noel

I don’t get it… How is Jesus anything like harry?

07.20.14, 7:42 PM | Posted by K-tice

@Jessie: Except not really. There is only one reliable contemporary extrabiblical mention of Jesus (in a work by Flavius Josephus) and it’s a pretty indirect one at that. That being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean Jesus didn’t exist, but it’s far from being historically proven, I’m afraid.

@Cody: The same to you, you stupid small-minded bigot.

09.17.14, 9:16 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

K-tice, this is not the place to go into the historical nature of Jesus. You may wish to consult the Encyclopedia Britannica for historical sources. And while you’re at it, prove that Karl Marx and Friederich Engel existed.

11.22.15, 2:16 AM | Posted by K-tice

Doug, you on the other hand may wish to consult more than just a single source of information before you consider something a proven fact. Regarding Marx and Engels (not Engel, by the way), there are probably hundreds of textual and visual pieces of evidence of their existence, so we have a good reason to believe they are not just a figment of somebody’s imagination. We, however, do not have that kind of evidence for Jesus’ existence, I’m afraid.

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