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Road, Street

submitted by Diana Ventura taken near Sonora, CA

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09.29.11, 2:57 PM | Posted by Steimy

Can you image that people actually have to put this on their job applications. So, where do you live?

10.14.11, 8:49 AM | Posted by Johnathan

i dont want to live there

01.27.12, 11:56 AM | Posted by Sativa

i wounder if there has been a jackass episode there?

02.19.12, 9:35 PM | Posted by Jane

I wonder if there was a street in Dog River, Saskatchewan, by that name on “Corner Gas”…Brent’s dad, Oscar, was famous for using the “J” word, you know…

10.16.12, 3:00 PM | Posted by isaiah

that’s where mark twain lived… seriously

01.01.13, 5:51 PM | Posted by therealhannah

thats an interesting thing to name a place!

06.04.13, 4:46 PM | Posted by A . J. Green

The secret is out . We now know obamas real address!,,,,

06.05.13, 8:38 PM | Posted by A . J. Green

Bill Maher, we now know where your from!!!!

09.22.14, 10:07 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Sorry, A. J., Obama can’t change his color for you.

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