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Invisibility Cloaks – 50% Off!

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If Borders wasn’t going out of business, you’d never get such a great deal!

Photo submitted by Dakota

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08.20.11, 9:37 PM | Posted by kasi

dude, i laughed so hard when i saw this… mostly because i know exactly where you are, and i took the exact same photo

09.03.11, 4:46 AM | Posted by Crazy

1 for you and 1 for me 😀

09.18.11, 5:47 PM | Posted by Tara

Class.. 🙂

10.15.11, 7:14 PM | Posted by Jenna

Now we all know where Harry got his from.

11.01.11, 2:37 PM | Posted by Joey

Not a very good invisibility cloak if it can’t even hide the clotheshanger.

11.04.11, 1:43 PM | Posted by John Q

the hangers shown are empty…the cloaks are on the 5 hangers in front of the hangers we can see

11.09.11, 8:31 PM | Posted by haily

on the other side they have invisible pants.

12.07.11, 11:38 PM | Posted by paula

Do they come in any other colors?

04.10.12, 2:13 PM | Posted by HHH

I want the dark clear, I hate that regular clear.

07.26.12, 6:37 AM | Posted by stuff

Invisility cloaks hide everything but your self so to others your in the nude

08.25.12, 5:11 AM | Posted by therealhannah


09.18.14, 9:18 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

The Emperor’s New Clothes

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