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Intersection of Path and Path

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Parks, Street

Should I turn on path or path? Or maybe I should just keep going straight on path.

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10.02.12, 4:32 PM | Posted by therealhannah

just keeping it simple. or excessively complicated. i cant seem to make up my mind….

11.28.12, 9:44 PM | Posted by WolfVillage

You can’t get lost, just keep going on path.

01.10.13, 2:05 PM | Posted by LJ

Very helpful

04.01.13, 11:42 AM | Posted by mnisaacsmn

What should we call this way?
What about this way?… Anyone have an original name?

09.30.13, 12:43 PM | Posted by The Shadow

but which path is the right path

04.21.14, 2:46 PM | Posted by jjyy97

The one left.

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