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Instant Parking Ticket

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Face it, you’re getting a ticket.

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06.19.11, 3:58 PM | Posted by aaron

im very counfusied

10.01.11, 11:20 PM | Posted by hms

U can choose up to you.

12.05.11, 5:15 PM | Posted by chris hansen

if you read the two bottom signs, you can park for an hour between the hours of 5pm to 6pm. That is a loophole there.

07.16.13, 11:16 PM | Posted by Darkus

Well, I guess that means there’s only one hour a day.

09.18.13, 8:45 PM | Posted by mictosoft sam

2 hour parking do not park. Rofl?

09.16.14, 8:41 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Make up your mind!

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