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Instant Death and a $200 Fine

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Heck, they could raise the fine to $20,000… at that point what does it matter?

“Touching Wires Causes Instant Death – $200 Fine – Newcastle Tramway Authority”

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10.25.11, 8:48 AM | Posted by Johnathan

would you like me to send that check from hell or from heaven

11.21.11, 10:14 PM | Posted by Michael

OK so what if I have no immediate family? Then who the f*** will you fine if I am dead?

06.03.12, 12:17 PM | Posted by Mirrormall

wow what a supernatural blunder

07.16.13, 11:44 PM | Posted by Darkus

How does one send money from limbo?

08.24.13, 4:12 PM | Posted by layla

I cant pay if im dead

04.10.14, 11:40 PM | Posted by meep

Talk about adding insult to injury!

07.30.14, 11:37 PM | Posted by Leigh

The $200 fine is to pay the hearse driver.

08.08.14, 12:56 PM | Posted by David Hilliker

The Fine Would be the least of my worries!

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