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If You Can’t Swim…

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Engrish, Warning

“Warning – No swimming if you can’t swim”

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09.15.11, 6:32 AM | Posted by kitkat

im drowning

09.29.11, 2:48 PM | Posted by Steimy

Of course not silly, if you can’t swim you would not be swimming, you would be drowning.

11.06.11, 8:15 PM | Posted by aaron

And if you cant handle a pool chair NO SITTING!

02.27.12, 6:48 PM | Posted by fanny

just because you cannot swim that does not mean you have to eric williams never learnt how to swim if any one is forcing you to swim say you do not want to there are other activities to do no one can force you
i have just given a piece of my mind who agree with me say yes who doesn’t your loss

04.09.12, 5:34 AM | Posted by Garry

I almost drowned once but if I had seen that sign I would never have had that traumatic experience.

08.29.12, 1:06 PM | Posted by ME oH..

No drowning!!!!!! We don’t want to have to clean you up

01.29.13, 7:45 AM | Posted by http://tinyurl.com/soscsimon02654

I appreciate it for composing “If You Can

11.10.14, 1:08 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

A piece of your mind, Fanny? Can you spare it?

05.05.15, 2:16 PM | Posted by Dirk Strider

i’ll be sure to note that

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