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If It’s In Stock

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Well, duh…

“If it’s in stock we have it!”

World’s Largest Gift Shop

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03.22.12, 3:41 PM | Posted by therealhannah

yeah, no duh!

06.07.12, 6:59 PM | Posted by Trust

better than a lot of stores out there :0 or is it…

08.05.13, 12:28 PM | Posted by Beetee and Wiress

You don’t say?

01.23.14, 12:01 PM | Posted by JPC

Just like the commerical take-off… “We will sell no wine… before you pay for it.”

03.13.14, 2:45 PM | Posted by JP

Well I would hope so!

09.15.14, 9:31 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

How about that!

11.18.14, 4:37 PM | Posted by Bob

Sign is in Las Vegas on the corner of Sahara and Las Vegas Boulevard

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