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Hot Dog and Sausages

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What a delicious intersection!

“Hot Dog Street and Sausages Avenue”

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08.16.12, 7:11 AM | Posted by JB Garrett

I relish this sign.

08.24.12, 6:05 PM | Posted by therealhannah

ha ha, i hate both!

08.25.12, 4:33 AM | Posted by Justine

You always know which corner the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile will be parked on in this town!

01.13.13, 4:26 PM | Posted by alldrest

I would feel weird telling people that I live on the corner of Hotdog and Sausages, LOL

01.19.13, 9:43 PM | Posted by laney

battle of the wieners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01.23.13, 5:40 PM | Posted by Don

“Martha…I told you we were in Hogwash, USA.”

03.08.13, 12:32 AM | Posted by Steph

Where’s Bacon Blvd?

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