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Homemade Doorbell

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“The Door Bell Is Missing – Please Shake Bottle Of Rocks”

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02.02.12, 4:13 PM | Posted by therealhannah

how do u loose a doorbell?!?

02.07.12, 2:11 PM | Posted by kenneth

Oh, cool. That’s a great idea. I’m going to use it for sure. I got a whole lot of bottles. They just needs stuff in them :)

03.03.12, 6:00 PM | Posted by mike

i took the door bell

01.16.13, 12:56 PM | Posted by Karman

“02.02.12, 4:13 PM | Posted by therealhannah
how do u loose a doorbell?!?”

With a screwdriver.

05.21.14, 12:00 PM | Posted by mnisaacsmn

If you don’t keep your eye on it, they have a tendency to wander off. It happens all of the time.

10.23.14, 8:55 AM | Posted by Casey83

How about I just scream “HEY!”

11.29.14, 9:34 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

How about you just knock?

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