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Parks, Warning

“No Playing On The Historical Mound”

Posted on the campus of the University of Alabama.

Submitted by Elizabeth

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09.26.11, 10:53 PM | Posted by midget

haha lol

12.15.11, 8:07 AM | Posted by Kyle Ford

The sign in the picture is talking about a historical mound at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Honors college students graduate on it.

02.22.12, 8:34 AM | Posted by Bobington

Only in Alamaba….gawly dont play on our historical mound!

03.29.12, 4:38 PM | Posted by Albert

let me see 😉

06.26.12, 3:54 PM | Posted by Someone Who Wants to Know

I kinda want to know what happened there now…

11.11.12, 12:34 PM | Posted by therealhannah

But but, it looks so fun!

12.09.15, 4:27 AM | Posted by skywatcher

About 20 years ago, I helped build a huge fence around the Horseshoe Mound in Portsmouth, Ohio. The fence was necessary as the mound had become a prime spot for selling and using drugs.

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