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Hell Freezes Over

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Photo taken outside of Hell, Michigan

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05.26.11, 12:37 PM | Posted by denise nelson

Somewhere in Canada perhaps?

05.30.11, 2:31 AM | Posted by Bull
05.31.11, 7:20 AM | Posted by admin

Thanks for the info Bull. We added that information to the post.

08.22.11, 12:20 PM | Posted by curious

apparently it does freeze in hell?

09.03.11, 4:43 AM | Posted by Crazy

then they will freeze me. D:

09.30.11, 1:32 PM | Posted by Steimy

look mommy, guess I’ll be getting that BB gun after all.

10.26.11, 8:56 AM | Posted by Johnathan

whenever someone says “when hell freezes over” i’m showing them this sign

12.10.11, 1:47 PM | Posted by Team Veteran

I graduated about 20-miles from that sign!

02.20.12, 8:00 PM | Posted by a dead guy

is satan giving free sleigh rides?

03.30.12, 6:55 PM | Posted by therealhannah

who would name a place hell?

07.31.12, 2:39 AM | Posted by jorgie

Its actually in norway

03.06.13, 11:58 AM | Posted by The Shadow

I bet that place is as cold as hell.(Oxymoron hell isn’t cold)

04.20.13, 11:35 AM | Posted by curious

Does anyone know if they still have the “Hotter than Hell” and the “When Hell Freezes Over” mini-marathons? Seriously, my brother, who’s a Michigander, ran in both back before his knees gave out.

11.01.13, 10:13 PM | Posted by Darkus R.

And that’s why I tell my friends to go to Hell.

01.07.14, 5:44 PM | Posted by Christine Thorndill

There is a t-shirt you get when you do the marathon through Hell, MI, it says, “I ran through Hell”

01.09.14, 10:02 AM | Posted by Janice K

Hell Michigan is a great place. My husband always said “It would be a cold day in Hell before he ever got married again” so Feb 2011 it was a balmy 31 degrees outside when we got married there and it was a beautiful day. We received the special wedding package with t-shirts that say we were hitched in hell. what fun memories

01.21.14, 12:39 PM | Posted by Sakota

More like it froze UNDER.

09.28.14, 11:42 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

The Foremen were RIGHT!!

11.13.14, 2:27 PM | Posted by Seasider

OK, hell froze over, all the girls who ever rejected me form an orderly queue

01.12.15, 5:03 AM | Posted by Zetta Barnes-Johnson

Well, it finally did it.

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