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Car, Parking

Wait, so they still get to use the parking spot?

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09.29.11, 2:32 PM | Posted by Steimy

from that parking job i can only assume you are only 1/2 healed.

10.13.11, 9:57 AM | Posted by Johnathan

no you are not healed

02.24.12, 8:30 PM | Posted by therealhannah

i wonder wat the cops think?

11.14.13, 5:50 PM | Posted by rexsk1

Someone obviously has a lot of money to buy that license plate and a good sense of humor to park illegally in two different ways. He/she must also have a lot of money to pay that parking ticket.

03.13.14, 10:33 AM | Posted by JP

Typical Masshole parking.

10.10.14, 10:49 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Tell it to the judge.

10.10.15, 6:04 AM | Posted by Loz

Ha ha I think the person on the left is in the wheel chair and the person on the right isn’t

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