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Have a Spinach Party!

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09.15.12, 9:40 AM | Posted by Jabo

If it’s anything like a lemon party, I think I’ll pass.

10.21.12, 6:26 AM | Posted by therealhannah

im a little creeped out now

11.11.12, 11:39 AM | Posted by Sarah

Quick, someone call Popeye!

05.18.14, 1:53 PM | Posted by natalie

I wonder why they haven’t run out of spinach yet…

10.25.15, 5:25 PM | Posted by Teddy

and there’s no limit…this spinach party can last forever!!!!

12.13.15, 12:07 PM | Posted by Dawn

Popeye could have a spinach party with no limit.

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