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Have a Happy Crack

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“Mr. Happy Crack says… A dry crack is a happy crack!”

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09.30.11, 12:26 PM | Posted by Steimy

That should be the new slogan for Charmin bathroom tissue.

12.27.11, 11:30 AM | Posted by gross

Does that mean that a moist crack is a sad crack?

08.26.12, 10:12 PM | Posted by XD

i wish my mom and dad saw this sign with me

06.06.13, 12:44 PM | Posted by Agreen

That’s why I use gold bond powder to keep it dry !

06.06.13, 12:47 PM | Posted by Agreen

The sign painter knew that if his crack gets wet it won’t
Burn in the pipe and then he won’t be able to come up with these wonderful signs

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