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Guns, Wedding Gowns, Beer

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Everything a redneck needs at Hussey’s General Store (it’s Maine’s largest after all).

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09.30.11, 1:46 PM | Posted by Steimy

This is where i will have my wedding registry if you’re interested in getting us a gift.

01.29.12, 9:36 AM | Posted by Ashley

I know where this store is. It’s in Maine I live close to it!(:

04.14.12, 7:11 AM | Posted by marcox

All the makings for a perfect wedding.

07.21.12, 4:55 PM | Posted by lisa

yep, everything you will need for the special day! 🙂

04.20.13, 3:00 PM | Posted by Flatulating Bob

I went there, bought a gun, got drunk, and just used the wedding gowns for target practice. They don’t work well as skeet, though.

06.24.13, 5:54 PM | Posted by olverne

shotgun wedding anyone?

11.01.13, 4:40 PM | Posted by rexsk1

Everything for a fun wedding with at least one riot.

07.28.14, 11:07 PM | Posted by Darkus Relling

Shotgun wedding with a couple of cold ones… Yep, about accurate.

11.12.14, 8:29 PM | Posted by sandeesandlz98

duck dynasty clan will find that convenient

11.14.14, 10:11 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Yeah…without the beer you wouldn’t have the courage to fire your gun!

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