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Guess What I Did With Your Neighbor

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Not sure how many more customers Mike Finnerty got from this one. The sign is creepy enough by itself, but the fact that it is on the front of a garbage container makes it even worse.

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08.24.12, 6:17 PM | Posted by therealhannah

i gave him crumpets and we had a tea party! 😀

09.24.12, 3:28 PM | Posted by Kallee

Oh wow I didn’t realize the sign was on the back of a garbage thing! Man thats weird.

01.10.13, 2:15 PM | Posted by LJ

that i just not right

01.23.13, 5:58 PM | Posted by Don

OK Mike…you may think you’re creeping me out…but you don’t know my neighbor…..PS…Love the French spelling of “neighbor”.

02.18.13, 12:47 PM | Posted by Matt

You mean the English spelling…

06.06.13, 9:37 AM | Posted by A . J. Green

I was peeking thru their fence so I know what you did last summer.

12.30.13, 5:09 PM | Posted by VIKILOL

and with a perverted smile too

10.25.15, 4:02 PM | Posted by Teddy

I don’t have to guess…I got it all on tape…lawyer up Big MIke

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