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Going Around in Circles

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Would you like to travel in a large circle or a small circle?

Photo taken by doug88888 in Edinburgh, Scotland

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05.19.11, 9:30 PM | Posted by joyce Keiper

Take the large amd avoid everything.Take the small otherwise!Tough call in the time it takes to figure out the sign and go!

07.31.11, 8:08 PM | Posted by Hannah

i think what it’s saying is to get to the right side you take the large outer turn and to get to the left take the small inner turn

08.10.11, 3:39 PM | Posted by stange1

Looks like this belongs in New Jersey?

07.13.12, 4:37 PM | Posted by Micky

Watch out for snakes!

02.05.13, 7:02 PM | Posted by therealhannah

if you take the small circle you just bump into the big circle i guess

05.20.13, 7:17 AM | Posted by The Shadow

I’ll be dizzy once i’ve figured what this means.

05.22.14, 3:25 AM | Posted by kem

my way at looking at these, are the only people (age, handicap not included) who take the shorter routes, SHOULD taking MORE longer ones. I see it all the time

09.15.14, 9:30 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

I think I’d have to ask a Scotsman about this one.
It’s weird.

12.08.15, 2:21 AM | Posted by skywatcher

This reminds me of a joke.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the Moebius strip?

A: To get to the same side.

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