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God Moves Moainunts!

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“God Moves Moainunts – But Sometimes a Shove Full At A Time”

Image via ConantheLibrarian.

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10.07.11, 5:42 PM | Posted by JHugg

WTF is a moainunt? And why does God only love them one shove full at a time?
My faith in God is now at risk

12.29.11, 2:24 AM | Posted by Karl B

The original quote is, “God moves mountains, but sometimes only one shovel full at a time.” Too bad the sign maker can’t spell!

04.22.12, 8:06 PM | Posted by Adenu

You know what else move moainunts at a time? Tectonioic Plates

10.04.12, 7:10 AM | Posted by God's Father

Strange, never saw him doing so. May be there is something wrong with me me.

06.26.13, 9:36 PM | Posted by Conradius

Thats odd…I always thought it was high explosives and heavy equipment that moved mountains

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