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Get Your Flu Shots, or Else…

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What is CVS trying to say?

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10.22.11, 2:50 PM | Posted by Carla Vaught

That is why I don’t take the Flu Shot! They make feel like I am going to die!!

03.03.12, 8:19 AM | Posted by Tanya Schaeffer

This picture is awesome. I think you should do this at all your stores. This Country could use a little humor right now.

03.07.12, 3:20 PM | Posted by Emily

I’m not getting one now!!!

04.10.12, 1:52 PM | Posted by HHH

Jeez!CVS is good at portraying the future of all non-flushot takers, to bad I can’t take one 😉

11.12.12, 7:28 PM | Posted by therealhannah

I think getting the flu mist instead of a shot is a good idea.

12.20.12, 12:31 PM | Posted by Rachel Taylor

I have never nor will I ever get a flue shot and I am still alive. So are my six children.

06.26.13, 10:01 PM | Posted by Fluttershy

This scares me… I am so shy…

07.13.13, 5:18 PM | Posted by Noel

@ Rachel Taylor
Why not get a flu shot? I don’t see what the big deal is

10.17.13, 9:23 AM | Posted by Bammit


Why not get a flu shot?

1. Because it is ineffective.
It is based on LAST year’s flu virus from Asia.
2. Because the preservative used in production of the vaccine is thimerosol…which by weight is 49% mercury.
3. Because the substance used to halt virus growth in the chicken eggs before production is formaldehyde…a known carcinogen.

Are those enough reasons for you?

01.17.14, 6:41 PM | Posted by Sakota

Those three “REASONS” are bogus, my mom’s an ER nurse.

09.19.14, 10:52 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

I’ve been getting flu shots at my doctor’s office for years, Bammit. Want to argue with him?

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