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Get Me Another Bierbitzch

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Jösef Bierbitzch – Gölden Pilsner advertisement.

Photo taken by Brittaney Ramsey.

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09.03.11, 4:32 AM | Posted by Crazy

bierbitch? what the **** is bierbitzch

09.15.11, 8:55 AM | Posted by Mark

Bierbitzch – The official beer of male couch potatoes.

10.11.11, 6:16 AM | Posted by Johnathan

it’s also what men call female servers at a bar.

04.10.12, 2:06 PM | Posted by HHH

@above I lolled so hard!!!!

04.23.12, 4:29 PM | Posted by Brittaney

Ayyyyo! This is a picture I posted a while back from my dad’s bar!

10.20.14, 9:05 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Is that what they call the St. Pauli girl?

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