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I see what you did here… sneaky.

“Free Wifi – Great Beer”


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08.23.12, 3:26 AM | Posted by Justine

Nice, and if you can read both the large and small print you’ve practically got a free eye exam too!

08.29.12, 1:31 PM | Posted by ME oH..

FREE wifi great BEER

08.29.12, 1:32 PM | Posted by ME oH..


11.25.12, 7:41 PM | Posted by Fred

False advertising

12.02.12, 12:07 PM | Posted by therealhannah

so, technically, they cant get sued for deception

05.22.13, 5:15 PM | Posted by chris

Did anybody read the sign? It says “free wifi” “great beer? It’s not deceptive, false advertising – just funny

06.30.13, 6:07 PM | Posted by darticulate

You even get a handy bucket! They’ve thought of everything

11.11.13, 8:01 PM | Posted by rexsk1

They HAD to put a beer ad right next to it on the site.

05.21.14, 11:03 PM | Posted by kem

we dd something similar at a bar i used to work at. worked great and EVERYONE loved it!

10.01.14, 7:07 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Too bad for these chiselers if their customers have 20-20 vision!

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