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Forget German, You Need to Speak Austrian

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“Job Title: Austrian Speaking
Description: Market Researchers
If you speak fluent Austrian and have an excellent telephone maner call in now for more details!”

Photo submitted by Linda

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09.09.11, 6:10 AM | Posted by Kristian

I wonder if they got many calls…

11.13.11, 11:39 AM | Posted by E.U.B.

A perfect job for Arnold Schwarzenegger i guess !

04.01.12, 12:02 PM | Posted by Maya

Did they forget something? Like maybe a phone number to REACH them at??

10.06.12, 7:21 AM | Posted by miaumiau

call me a dumb austrian, i thought we speak german in austria… ^^

11.17.12, 9:13 AM | Posted by therealhannah

m its manner not maner

03.12.14, 6:49 PM | Posted by Miffy

No number to call… (“\(O.o)/”) HOW! I want to apply!!

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