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Flippin Church of God

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I guess they’re not allowed to swear at this church.

Photo taken in Flippin, AR. Visit their website.

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02.28.13, 1:25 PM | Posted by Sakota

What the FLIP! (^○^)/ OOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

03.01.13, 7:00 PM | Posted by charlotte littlefield

thats really not funny 🙁

06.27.13, 9:39 AM | Posted by watercheetah

its so flippen the church forgot the name…

09.21.13, 11:45 PM | Posted by Darkus

The bird.

01.02.14, 9:49 PM | Posted by vanessa caldwell

how would y’all like it if ppl make fun of ur church, caz my daughter was dedicated. the people were kind and generous. they accept you just as you are. they welcomed me with open arms. they helped me with my daughter. i did not go to church until they showed me they wanted to help.so plzzz benice

01.02.14, 9:50 PM | Posted by vanessa caldwell

plzz be nice

03.30.14, 8:18 AM | Posted by Susan

SO what, it’s the name of our town, Flippin Arkansas. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the name of this church. I can’t count to people who stop, ( tourists ) and take their picture with this sign. We have the Flippin Police, the Flippin Mayor, the Flippin City Hall, the list is what it is, the name of the town. 😉

04.13.14, 2:01 PM | Posted by Mar mar

Cool! A dollar genral!

06.29.14, 10:44 PM | Posted by michelle

i just want to say that the Lord leads us to Him in many ways. its their towns name, why not? maybe some day one of those tourist will walk into the church and find peace and joy just in the moment they needed it! God bless you all in Flippin….great name for a town, and for a church!

01.31.15, 11:42 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

There ought to be a restaurant. The Flippin Flapjacks.

05.09.16, 1:08 PM | Posted by The Great Papyrus

One- this sign is hilarious!

Two- Yall need to calm down! i mean, i’m an atheist, so it doesn’t bug me, but when people say stuff like- “ooohhhhh, your going to heeeeellllllllll!” i dont give a flying f*ck. you have your religion and they have theirs. if they think its funny, so what? we are all entitled to our own opinion! and if you stayed to the end of this rant, you just learned a valuble life lesson.

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