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Speed Limit, Warning

“Fart” in Danish means speed!

“Fart Kontrol – 1-11 km”

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04.14.11, 2:13 PM | Posted by Benjamin

All I can think of is “Fart Control to Major Tom!”

10.24.11, 8:43 AM | Posted by Johnathan

we need one at my house

11.11.11, 1:38 AM | Posted by JEE

This is in Norway. It means speed in Norwegian

07.04.12, 5:43 AM | Posted by martin

Could also be danish. Means the same as in Norway. Fart means speed in danish. On danish elevators the lit button with the lettering “I fart” means “In speed” (in use). Great, eh ? :-)

07.09.12, 8:32 PM | Posted by Jokezone

ha ha ha… :D

09.03.12, 8:34 PM | Posted by LewisM

… keep… holding… just 10 more Km… hold… hold…

10.03.14, 8:27 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Jeg taler ikke dansk.

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