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Evacuation… you’re doing it wrong.

(Guess you aren’t allowed to pass wind here either)

“Not a Through Street – Evacuation Route”

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08.16.12, 7:41 AM | Posted by JB Garrett

I am more concerned by the sign in the background prohibiting the “windpassing.”

08.21.12, 10:59 PM | Posted by LewisM

oh! wait! so since its not a tru street, i can evacuate but not pass wind. Ohhh!! i get it now!!! My ex wife would be proud of me!

12.12.12, 8:13 PM | Posted by therealhannah

uh, just uh.

01.19.13, 9:17 AM | Posted by therealhannah

Windpassing is a place in Austria, and the signs DO look like that.

02.04.13, 9:54 PM | Posted by Don

Does this mean that the wind can’t pass when there are solid lines….

02.04.13, 9:56 PM | Posted by Don

Does this mean that the wind can’t pass when there are solid lines….or does it mean you can’t pass the wind when there are solid line….or….

05.23.13, 4:51 PM | Posted by KP

But the image is of the town hall square in Tallinn Estonia – SCAM

12.07.15, 3:10 PM | Posted by David

It’s a trap!

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