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Entering Humptulips

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Humptulips is located in Grays Harbor County, Washington, United States. It is located on the Humptulips River and is within the Hoquiam School District boundary.

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03.14.12, 6:15 AM | Posted by Randomz

….I am not going there but maybe my wife will…..

08.21.12, 4:08 PM | Posted by wolfie1232

Is it next to snogroses

12.21.12, 7:41 PM | Posted by Skmz

Wow I was surprised to see this.
I wonder who around here submitted this?

Sometimes the name still makes me laugh though.

BTW I am located in Ocean Shores, Grays harbor county, WA

01.02.13, 2:58 PM | Posted by OldPatzer

Originally they considered naming the town Springfield, Seaview, or Humptulips. Guess which won?

06.15.13, 11:12 PM | Posted by Darkus

Tulips that hump things? wut.

08.30.13, 8:16 PM | Posted by bb

I’ve been there. I bought a bumper sticker that said “Where the heck is Humptulips”.

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