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Elevator Located in China

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I don’t think they understand what the word “convenience” means…

“For Your Convenience an Elevator is Located In China”

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02.03.12, 6:24 PM | Posted by therealhannah

that’s not very convenient

03.17.12, 10:00 PM | Posted by aaron

but i want it 2 be in france!!!

04.24.12, 6:34 PM | Posted by bob

talking about china plates i’m guessing

09.28.12, 10:03 AM | Posted by Terry

you keep using that word.. i do not think it means what you think it means….

09.28.12, 5:44 PM | Posted by Bob

I hope it’s talking about dishes

08.05.13, 12:53 PM | Posted by Beetee and Wiress

Why isn’t it in District 3?

11.01.13, 9:26 PM | Posted by rexsk1


10.21.14, 7:59 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

That depends. How far away is the elevator from this sign?

02.28.15, 12:59 PM | Posted by Liz

My name is Inego Montoya. You sent me to China. prepare to die

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