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Eat the Kids First

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We won’t be planning a family vacation to Virginia anytime soon.

“Virginia – Eat the Kids First”

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04.19.11, 10:08 AM | Posted by Benjamin

I always heard people from Virgina were cannibals.

04.19.11, 10:26 AM | Posted by Greg

I had a friend who was a teacher with the license plate “TCH KDS”, intended to be read “Teach Kids”. I think far more people were reading it “Touch Kids”.

03.03.12, 7:11 PM | Posted by therealhannah

that’s actually pretty smart!

10.04.13, 10:07 PM | Posted by bob

funniest license plate I’ve ever seen was on a van for a pre school. it read, “PB4WEGO”

10.31.13, 10:26 AM | Posted by rexsk1

But I was just in Virginia a couple months ago!

10.06.14, 1:49 PM | Posted by Zanaria

But the kids are just an appetizer…

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