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Eat Here and Get Gas

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05.20.11, 8:08 AM | Posted by Agustin

Is that a gerantee?
*Pulls out Beano*

02.15.12, 7:17 PM | Posted by lisa

I grew up close to this resteraunt. Not real sure how accurate the statement is, though!

02.27.12, 7:10 AM | Posted by Sean

Yes, um, may I have a burrito sir?

03.27.12, 6:57 AM | Posted by Shirley scott

must of been good food then lol

12.15.12, 9:11 PM | Posted by ken draper

This place closed a couple of years ago, a local museum was given one of the signs. the other one is still outside the building.

02.04.13, 8:33 PM | Posted by Bob Hale

US 31 North of Indianapolis. Been there for years but I still laugh every te I see it!

06.06.13, 9:23 AM | Posted by A . J. Green

Is this at Taco Bell ???

11.05.13, 8:12 PM | Posted by Vince


11.30.13, 11:35 AM | Posted by Doug Arnold

When I was a kid (50 years ago) there was a huge Eat and Get Gas sign on the side of a hill in a dip in Temecula, Calif. along what was than Highway 395 (now Interstate 15).

11.30.13, 11:38 AM | Posted by Doug Arnold

There was another great sign that was used in Oregon years ago. Anybody remember, “Caution, Men In Trees”?

09.16.14, 1:31 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

This was a gag in Mad Magazine 60 years ago.

01.05.15, 5:14 PM | Posted by Mike D.

At the intersection of hwy’s 31 and 28 between Tipton and Frankfort, IN. Ate there many times as I traveled the area in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Great food; can’t say I ever “got gas” there though!

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