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Defaced, Road

I mean I’m not very good at drawing, but if you say so…

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04.14.12, 4:27 PM | Posted by jagge

It’s a bridge? I thought it’s a smiling guy with a funny hat.

06.24.12, 4:52 PM | Posted by jabbers

@jagge lol it does!!!!

08.19.12, 8:07 PM | Posted by mikalia

@jagge it’s true

12.14.12, 7:39 PM | Posted by therealhannah

yeah, theyre not so good at drawing 😛

01.17.14, 5:29 PM | Posted by Sakota

Either looks like a guy wearing a hat, sticking out his tounge, or it DOES look a-bit like a bridge over a canyon w/a stream.

05.22.14, 1:22 AM | Posted by kem

I’ve seen this over the years, always make me smile, this one totally DOES look like a guy wearing a silly hat (has to be a guy, girl wouldn’t wear that :)

09.10.14, 1:44 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Don’t be so damn literal!

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