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Defaced, Office

Story behind this submitted photo: “I guess the girls in the reality office next door were having some issues with drama and wrote the top bit on the glass board.  It’s been up there for months, so last night I snuck over there after everybody left and added to it. – Joseph”

“This is a Drama Free Zone! Please take drama 50 ft. from this bldg. – As a result of the above notice, we are sorry to announce that Nevada Realty Solutions’ scheduled performance of William Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Nights Dream” has been canceled. Refunds are available in the lobby. Season ticket holders will be credited next season. Thank You.”

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01.17.13, 11:13 AM | Posted by Karman

I think someone’s being overly dramatic.

02.19.13, 12:58 AM | Posted by Mike

And I thought my handwriting was bad.

10.30.13, 7:45 PM | Posted by rexsk1

You should see mine.

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