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Dork Biscuit Stick

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YUM… and only $0.69 each? Sweet!

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08.19.12, 8:43 PM | Posted by mikalia

man:don’t you mean pork biscuit stick
store clerk:no
man:i better get out of here
boss:i told you not to say that

12.17.12, 6:09 PM | Posted by therealhannah

actually this is a very good deal

05.23.13, 8:43 PM | Posted by credible

every star trek fan needs a biscuit stick

08.05.13, 12:51 PM | Posted by Beetee and Wiress

We’ll take 50, please.

01.17.14, 5:59 PM | Posted by Sakota

Credible, GET OUT.

05.22.14, 2:30 AM | Posted by kem

good one mikalia

07.20.14, 9:39 PM | Posted by SheSaid

Credible, good one!

08.14.15, 7:45 AM | Posted by Kevin

Even Dork, double dork, and dorky eat biscuit sticks

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