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Don’t Wee In People’s Gardens

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Parks, Warning

Photo taken in London, England

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07.31.11, 8:21 PM | Posted by Hannah

i’ll remember that next time…

09.24.11, 8:31 PM | Posted by Max


10.26.11, 8:09 PM | Posted by Peter

As a Londoner, I’m a little embarrassed by this, but of course also amused! I’m very much guessing by the housing, and the sign itself which is far from commonplace in London, was put up during the Nottingham Hill Carnival. Toilet facilities are limited; gardens are less so!

05.29.12, 4:12 PM | Posted by Brad Arnold

“But officer, I wasn’t weeing, I was urinating.”

03.02.13, 3:06 PM | Posted by Sakota

Under what circumstances.. would they use this?

06.27.13, 9:09 AM | Posted by Fluttershy

I am too shy to… um… use the bathroom. I hate these… um… signs.

01.03.16, 4:39 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

To Brad Arnold:
“Oh, that’s diffo.”

08.06.16, 12:42 PM | Posted by Geoff

Peter meant the Notting Hill Carnival, but is otherwise correct. These signs were temporary during the Carnival.

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