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Don’t Use This Toilet!

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Bathroom, Store, Warning

I’m afraid to ask WHY they needed to add this sign.

“Please, Do Not Use – Demo Only – Thank You”

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01.20.12, 5:14 PM | Posted by therealhannah

some little kid on Americas funniest videos used a demo toilet so hence the sign!

03.15.12, 11:11 AM | Posted by Wolfy

@therealhannah Lady, you just took the words right out of my mouth. ♥

08.24.13, 5:04 PM | Posted by layla

that toilet is definetly for a guy

09.17.14, 10:57 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

To Hannah: Oops!

02.27.15, 9:18 AM | Posted by jake

that 1 is hilariouse

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