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Don’t Turn Me On

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A truly unique way to promote better energy consumption in the workplace.

“Save Energy! How would you like it if someone turned you on and then left?”

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07.14.11, 10:52 AM | Posted by Thatguywhocamps

Lol. LOL. I that happened to me many times :3

11.29.11, 3:58 PM | Posted by barbie

cute sign but it should save leave not left. left is past tense, the sentence is present. should be Leave.

11.29.11, 3:59 PM | Posted by barbie

err I meant leaves. LOL

02.23.12, 5:53 PM | Posted by therealhannah

can someone do that 2 me?

03.15.12, 12:15 AM | Posted by Ekay

Last I checked, “turned” is past tense, not present tense. The sentence is conditional.

10.26.13, 8:18 PM | Posted by bob

left is correct

01.29.14, 10:43 AM | Posted by grammar police

“Left” is definitely correct.

05.24.14, 6:55 PM | Posted by na

You want someone to turn you on and then leave? Honestly what is wrong with you

09.19.14, 12:48 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

I am not a switch. I would leave with her.

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