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Don’t Steal Balls

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“Any persons (except players) caught collecting golf balls on this course will be prosecuted¬†and have their balls removed.”

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09.30.11, 1:55 PM | Posted by Steimy

Ouch, stiff penalty.

11.06.11, 8:19 PM | Posted by aaron

And evey buddy knows what happens to femail golf players!

12.21.11, 7:31 PM | Posted by Sammy

hold on to your balls!

02.20.12, 7:54 PM | Posted by therealhannah

@aaron: don’t be gross

03.10.12, 7:20 AM | Posted by therealhannah

also, i live on a golf course and i will be in so much trouble if they have this sign!

10.23.12, 8:01 AM | Posted by NoBody12

@therealhannah lol that would be hilarious but i would never play there or go there if i saw that sigh. lol but that would be funny to c what happens

12.01.12, 11:01 PM | Posted by Isawthatsigninbabeschicken

Note- please be careful on that golf course

04.20.13, 3:06 PM | Posted by Flatulating Bob

If you have already been castrated, what would be the penalty, then?

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