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Don’t Pee Here

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11.09.11, 2:36 PM | Posted by David Blatch

We should have those signs all over downtown Winnipeg! hehe

11.17.11, 11:37 AM | Posted by tech_hunter

Or…we’ll cut your eggs??

02.05.12, 5:15 PM | Posted by therealhannah

do u see the camera in the corner of the sign? they’re watching us!

04.10.12, 1:42 PM | Posted by HHH

XD that’s hilarious!

07.27.12, 5:45 AM | Posted by stuff

Or therell cut ya balls

07.27.12, 10:46 AM | Posted by jorgie

The camera looks more like a sniper

06.06.13, 9:09 AM | Posted by A . J. Green

No peeing or egg cutting here and we mean it !!!!

06.30.14, 6:14 AM | Posted by Nak

Guys that is supposed to be your knob. They will cut off your knob.

07.20.14, 10:04 PM | Posted by SheSaid

Damn they’re strict! Snip, snip and nutz b gone.

09.17.14, 8:39 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

You mean this is the local moyel, Nak?

02.27.15, 9:14 AM | Posted by jake

very very very very very very very funny

05.18.15, 8:28 AM | Posted by AllenSmithee

This seems to imply “Do Not Urinate Here or We Will Cut Off Your Gonads.”

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