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Don’t Let the Sneakies Plunder Your Car

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Parks, Road, Warning

“Don’t let the sneakies plunder your car. Help stop the sneak thief”

Photo taken by adamy323 at Niagra Parks

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04.28.11, 11:10 AM | Posted by Major

You can tell who the Sneakies are when they peer over the brick walls.

06.10.11, 5:20 PM | Posted by trisha

well that makes me feel welcome!

09.30.11, 11:33 AM | Posted by Steimy

Why hide it now, you just told them where to find all my valuables.

07.10.12, 6:02 PM | Posted by therealhannah

they have big noses!

04.20.13, 6:47 PM | Posted by Flatulating Bob

I did the smart thing. I hid everything outside my car, then locked my keys in the trunk.

09.17.14, 11:03 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Kilroy was here.

08.19.16, 8:07 PM | Posted by Nyarlathotep

Kilroy Was Here.

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