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Don’t Kiss the Fish

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Has this ever been the outcome of being drunk?

“Warning – Alcohol Impairs Judgment”

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09.15.11, 8:38 AM | Posted by Mark

When you’re french kissing fish, that’s drunk! 😉

01.20.12, 5:16 PM | Posted by therealhannah

it might have to do with him swimming in orange juice XD

02.14.12, 4:59 PM | Posted by doug

simple just don’t drink anymore “warning Alcohol” whatever that is.

03.14.12, 11:01 PM | Posted by Ekay

In Newfoundland, one of the the requirements to be “Screeched In” is to kiss the cod…

03.08.13, 4:08 AM | Posted by anon1987

gives a new meaning to sleeping with the fishes

05.02.13, 10:56 AM | Posted by Amber Rose

And thus, the merman was born!!!

01.11.14, 7:11 PM | Posted by Robloxer1224

Hey, Fishy! Lets Marry! *kisses* Fish: YAY WE ARE MARRIED! (You can kinda tell of what the fish is saying which i wrote here of the fish’s face)

01.18.14, 5:33 PM | Posted by Sakota

Anon1987, Amber Rose, that’s disgusting.

09.17.14, 11:24 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

What’s the fish’s excuse?

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