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Don’t Eat Here!

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Business, Restaurant

… they serve people!

Mao themed Chinese restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown.

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02.18.13, 11:54 PM | Posted by Mike

Sorry, Frodo. We will find another place.

08.01.13, 12:19 AM | Posted by Darkus

They make Soylent Green.

09.19.13, 11:03 PM | Posted by A cannibal

Finally a place I can eat 🙂

10.31.13, 2:22 PM | Posted by Sakota

Reminds me of a “Twighlight Zone” episode I heard about, where some guys found a giant book called ‘To Serve Man’.

11.11.13, 7:21 PM | Posted by bob

darn! I wanted dog.

02.02.14, 11:49 AM | Posted by BrutalMind

At least we know the kitties are safe here.

09.29.14, 12:15 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Don’t be sure, B.M. 😮

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