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Do You Think They Like Star Wars?

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May the car related merchandise be with you.

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10.12.11, 6:15 AM | Posted by Johnathan

Hell yes.

10.25.11, 1:49 PM | Posted by Velvet

No! Can’t you see that is Star Trek?

11.27.11, 6:06 PM | Posted by Dawn

I bet this person is single.

01.25.13, 6:36 AM | Posted by The Shadow

I don’t think this car is made from this galaxy. In fact, maybe it’s not a car at all!

10.12.13, 7:50 AM | Posted by Marissa E.

Its like “hey, do you like star wars?”

10.10.14, 11:17 AM | Posted by Mr.X

clearly this car has nothing but STAR TREK merch on it

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