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Do You Know the Poo Rules?

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Defaced, Warning

Evidently, there are quite a few of them.

Photo taken by Darren Ellis – On Jersey in the Channel Islands.

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10.12.11, 11:48 AM | Posted by Johnathan

yeah, right. health and safety rules. It must be very crappey there

02.29.12, 3:36 PM | Posted by therealhannah

no, the poo does not rule at all. if it did i would move to another country.

03.22.12, 4:31 PM | Posted by berton

Adding poo rules just sayin missed opportunity

08.10.12, 8:15 PM | Posted by Justine

Parents be vigilant- protect your children from the dangers of unsupervised poos.

09.04.12, 7:29 AM | Posted by Jinxgirl

Parents watch out, so no one drowns in the poo.

06.29.14, 4:48 PM | Posted by Sakota

Why do we need to use the bathroom before we enter the poo, can’t go in said poo? Makes scenes, right

07.28.14, 11:05 PM | Posted by Darkus Relling

“Poo Depth: 12-18 FT”
That’s a load of sh** in more ways than one.

09.18.14, 8:45 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery


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