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Do Not Sit On The Kerb

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11.27.11, 6:02 PM | Posted by Dawn

Wow someone did really well in school!

11.30.11, 3:43 PM | Posted by John

Actually, kerb is a legitimate – though less common – spelling of curb.

11.30.11, 4:44 PM | Posted by ME

Thats how they spell in in england

03.02.12, 3:50 PM | Posted by therealhannah

by order!

08.20.12, 3:20 PM | Posted by wolfie1232

Its kerb you americans spell it different
Like colour you say color its called english

01.11.13, 3:48 PM | Posted by Karman

The funny thing is how it looks like ot says “Anus” in the top right corner.

06.05.13, 6:11 PM | Posted by A . J. Green

Do not use dictionary!,,,,

07.23.13, 1:05 PM | Posted by therealnormalperson

Sure it is, John, sure it is…

10.06.13, 2:51 AM | Posted by bob

actually, John is correct. (yes, we are all in shock, lol)

01.01.14, 2:12 PM | Posted by William Eric Sauer

Do not spell the word curb.

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