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Directing Traffic in a Hospital Gown

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Is this a big problem? Apparently the Marathon gas station thinks so.

“Never trust someone that is directing traffic in a hospital gown”

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08.16.12, 7:35 AM | Posted by JB Garrett

How much traffic does a hospital gown have in it?

08.17.12, 11:52 AM | Posted by Rather dull dead corpse

It has sufficient traffic for them to write such a stupidity!

08.24.12, 7:16 PM | Posted by therealhannah

are they TRYING to put me out of business?!?

11.13.12, 7:30 PM | Posted by Spyro

i saw the gas price first XD

06.02.13, 6:43 AM | Posted by Jessica

well there go my plans for the weekend!

06.06.13, 5:31 PM | Posted by Agreen

Okay , I’ll keep that in mind………..

10.12.14, 9:20 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Never go to a hospital where the nurses dress in black!

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