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FAIL! Worst name for a fire alarm system company ever!

“DynaFire – Engineered Fire Alarm Systems”

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07.21.11, 12:49 PM | Posted by Major Rip'd

This is the LAST place I’d go to make my house safer! LOL

07.22.11, 10:30 AM | Posted by Gregger

Naming your company… YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

09.15.11, 10:41 AM | Posted by Crazy

yeah gregger

10.12.11, 11:38 AM | Posted by Johnathan

quickest way to lose your business lol

11.27.11, 5:50 PM | Posted by Dawn

Well that seems like a very odd choice of name.

02.16.12, 6:24 AM | Posted by Dave

Made me giggle tbf, i’ll be surprised if they get any business

02.22.12, 2:37 PM | Posted by Bob

Definitely the first place I’ll go for a fire alarm:L

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