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Diapers & Politicians

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Not sure what this has to do with Ed’s business… but I think he’s right…

“Ed’s Rental.com – Diapers & Politicians Should Be Changed Often, Both for The Same Reason”

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09.18.11, 5:52 PM | Posted by Tara

True enough they are both full of shit!! :)

10.11.11, 6:26 AM | Posted by Johnathan

and very crappy

10.11.11, 8:53 AM | Posted by Johnathan

and they stink XD

02.21.12, 11:10 PM | Posted by h4x0r

“Not sure what this has to do with Ed’s business…”
May be rents diapers

04.10.12, 2:20 PM | Posted by HHH

And sells politicians?

02.11.13, 1:32 PM | Posted by The Shadow

and they’re dirty

06.26.13, 8:01 PM | Posted by watercheetah

true Dat!!

07.02.14, 2:39 PM | Posted by cereza1000

Specially in Spain, Venezuela or Siria.

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