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Unlocking Autism

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06.10.11, 6:05 PM | Posted by Major R

Herp Derp… lol

12.30.11, 3:39 AM | Posted by megan

Thats a lil messed up

01.05.12, 5:16 PM | Posted by Maddie

wow…… freakshow? what are all their kids autistic or something?? who puts “unlocking autism” on their freaking tag???? weirdddd

03.24.12, 8:22 PM | Posted by RawrILY

-insert derp face here-

11.07.12, 8:30 AM | Posted by Christof

Fail at spelling Derp but nice license plate. I got autism so Maddie go suck a road spike for that because it means that they’re trying to unlock the code for the cure of Autism… Not running a freakshow… Herp Derp. :3

12.14.12, 10:43 PM | Posted by The Doctor

christof i have autisim too, aspergers to be presice. and i disagrea with autism needing a cure, well for the high functioning types that is, the lower functioning ones need to be cured the derp…yeah in that context kind of insulting

07.16.13, 11:20 PM | Posted by Darkus

Herp derp. This is a carp’s magic.

12.19.13, 9:18 PM | Posted by Stuart

My mom has a unlocking autism license plate

09.11.14, 10:17 AM | Posted by Sakota

Me two, Maddie, you sick twisted son of snail

12.26.14, 11:24 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Well, excuse you!

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